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    there are people who’ve never heard of My Immortal

    there are people who’ve never read My Immortal

    there are people who didn’t make it all the way to the part where Dumbledore flies into the MCR concert wearing a pink robe with Avril Lavigne’s face on it

    this is such an important part of life how could you just not know the gospel of ebony dark’ness dementia raven way

    how can you talk about a classic without providing a link?

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Protester in ATL for #MikeBrown #Ferguson


    Protester in ATL for #MikeBrown #Ferguson

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  3. transnormativity:

    This is a fund set up for the people who have been arrested while protesting in Ferguson. Please donate if you can and share widely. This is concrete action we can take to support the people of Ferguson. Also please call your local representative and let them know you do not agree with what’s happening. Here’s a script and a way to find the contact info for your local reps. 

    Please signal boost.

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  4. watershiphobbits:

    If you are a man who thinks it’s funny to make misogynist jokes purely to make your female friends uncomfortable/angry, then you are a misogynist.  It is not “just a joke.”  You literally are finding humor in the discomfort and dehumanization of women.  You are not helping, you are not making satire.  You are just being misogynist.

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    Meet Cory Nieves. He’s a dapper, 10-year old CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies who started his own booming cookie business in an effort to help his mom buy a car after moving from NYC to New Jersey in 2009.

    !!!!!! COOKIE CEO !!!!!!!

    this is the best post on tumblr ever!!!

    What the fuck

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#pretty sure all dogs are worthy enough to carry the hammer#can you imagine thor going to a dog park and playing fetch with the hammer#’go mighty canine friend fetch me my hammer if thou art worthy!’#’who’s the worthiest? you aaarrree’ (via winchesterlicious)
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    Bastille - Flaws (Acoustic)


    In case anyone needs some cheering up at the moment.

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